No doubt that marble is one of the most beautiful natural substances that people are in love with for years. Marbles are metamorphic rocks, which forms when lime-stones are subjected to very high heat and pressure.

You can find marble in a variety of colours and appearances, which is usually mined from quarries and caves. People have been familiar with marble stone since ages. Today, most likely it is used in the buildings. Being a durable and attractive stone, it can stand and survive all environments and also maintain its look.

Following are different areas you can use marble for obtaining a great look with marbles from Marble Matters.

  • Bathrooms

You can find application of marble stone in most bathrooms, as marble wall near the shower surround. Also, marble floor tiles are able to cover your whole room. Basic reason why these marble stones are so much valued choice particularly for many of the bathroom fittings is because of its remarkable longevity.

  • Columns

Many people may tend to ignore what was once an icon for any wealthy homes, still there exist fashion value by adding columns in the entrance of your home. You can impress your friends and family with beautiful marble column.

  • Counters

Like granite counters, marble counters too are becoming popular. It can be both bold fashion statement as well as practical addition for people who love cooking. Marble counters are able to take all heat and marks of knife without quickly showing any damage.

  • Floors

Most commonly, marble is meant for flooring and such trend is prevailing since thousands of years, in the wealthy countries of America and Europe. Marble floors can always add sophistication to otherwise dull home areas. Also, it suits quite well in the reception areas.

  • Front entryway

Usage of various marble flooring tiles certainly is not just for indoor applications, but also you can install it outside too.

  • Fountains

Marble fountain is another thing, which displays a wealthy sign. Marble fountains can always be a beautiful addition to home garden, or also in your bathroom to offer a dose of tranquillity in the morning.

  • Hallway

Another area where mostly you may use marble tiles is particularly in your hallway. By adding marble floor in this area, you can quickly transform your halfway.

With lighter marble floor your hallway will look brighter and spacious. Besides, marble surface is very easy to maintain and clean.

  • Sinks

Marble sinks can bring user sufficient pleasure to wash hands. On the practical side, marble will not erode so easily under water. It will make good material for bathrooms and kitchens for that reason.

  • Stairs

Marble stairs actually is more practical solution than wood or carpet, which may show age, wear and tear and need very high maintenance. Marble will show beauty and strength. Your cleaning time will cut down with marble stairs.

  • Walls

In Europe and few other Asian countries, marble walls signify royalty and noble. Marble walls are also not susceptible to homes with children where crayons are used by them. Marble is low-maintenance solution for nice home environment.

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