Have you heard about 4000K wall lights that are advanced lighting fixtures, having a number of advanced features that can be mounted on the wall, and offers the much needed light while making the environment soft, elegant, and decorative in any place?

The 4000K wall lights may range from 3000K – 5300K, providing your home natural light for productive work areas. This 4000K wall light can be waterproof, dustproof, and also IP65 listed wall light, which is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

The lighting on the walls will make the room bigger and brighter, creating a very pleasant atmosphere. Wall lights can also balance ceiling lights and also add a little more to complete the décor. This can be great way of making home feel literally like a home.

4000K wall lights can offer a neat and inconspicuous way of lighting, unlike floor lamps that are usually tall and large having hanging wires or central lights, which can dominate the room and filling it with extra light.

You must find out about what wall lights are going to be used for, before you consider about the position, where they should be actually installed on the wall. If you are planning to use 4000K wall lights as reading lamp in your home, then you must place the lights at height that allows you to do the required task.

How to choose the type of light 3000ºK, 4200ºK, 6500ºK…

How to choose the type of light

Tips for choosing the type of light

If you’ve reached this article, you’re not the only one who’s wondering. There are many of us who do not understand the meaning or what a light bulb means when it says 3000ºK, 4200ºK, 6500ºK…? Get to the point! This term mainly indicates us the tone of the light. We want to clear up your doubts about how to choose the type of light. We hope to be brief and helpful.

What does ºK mean or indicate in a lamp?

The term 3000ºK, 4200ºK, 6500ºK, etc… It indicates the color temperature, this is expressed in (ºK) Degrees Kelvin.

What kind of light should I use for my home lighting?

Depending on the color temperature in lighting you choose, you can vary the type of light you want. It is important that you take this into account when buying a light for your home. Depending on the type of environment you want to create, you should take this into account:

If you want to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere you will tend to choose a bulb or LED that emits up to 3000 º K (warm light), ideal for spaces such as the living room, bedroom, restaurant, bar, hotel, etc.

On the other hand, to generate a cold light, we will use bulbs or LEDs above 6000ºK (cold light). Inside the home it is common to find it in the kitchen, bathroom, work area, etc. It is also very common in hospitals, warehouses…

Between 3000ºK and 6000ºK you have the intermediate or neutral light.

Color Temperature Reference Chart Degrees Kelvin – The House of the Lamp

Here are some reference colors with the symbol ºK:

  • Warm White Lighting: Between 2700ºK and 3000ºK (yellow or orange tone)
  • Illumination with white light (White): 3500ºK
  • Lighting with natural light (Natural): 3400ºK
  • Cool White Light: 4100ºK
  • Cool White Deluxe Lighting: 4200ºK
  • Daylight illumination: 6500ºK

In summary: Warm light 3000ºK / Intermediate light (neutral warm/cold) between 4000ºK and 5000ºK / Cold light from 5500ºK.

Curiosity: What ºK emits the light of a candle? 1500ºK

In Conclusion,

Lighting is one of the fundamental parts in our homes and is a faithful reflection of the personality of those who inhabit the space. There are an infinite number of lamp designs to illuminate our rooms, among which we will focus on how to choose wall fixtures that bring a unique style to the home.

The wall light has become a great resource to get a very comfortable light at home and make the most of the decoration. These lamps can be placed on both interior and exterior walls, illuminating from any height thanks to its versatility and the easy installation of this support.

We are specialized in light bulbs over here, but we do not sell bulbs due to the great complexity of models on the market. If you want to find a great collection of bulbs of all styles we recommend you visit amazon. The best wall light available there is the 4000k wall lights.

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