Storage or shipping containers have plenty of uses beyond just holding cargo. Over the years, people have repurposed them in numerous, creative ways. Read on to learn about some of them.


Have you always wanted a pool in your backyard but never had the time to install one? No problem! Just purchase a shipping container and use it. It’s much faster and less expensive to setup.

All you have to do is ship the container to your residence. Then, you can install equipment, such as heaters, filters, lights, liners, and ladders, to turn it into a pool. There are plenty of companies out there that specialize in renovating these structures and turning them into water features. Tip: you’ll probably want to get the ground excavated, as it would be far too high from the ground otherwise.

Pop-Up Cafes or Restaurants

Pop-up cafes and restaurants are all the rage today. These are dining establishments that show up at a single location and only remain there for a limited number of days or months before moving to another place. Their fleeting nature makes them more attractive to food enthusiasts.

If you desire to build your own pop-up, you should use a shipping container;its structure is perfect for this purpose. It can easily be setup and quickly renovated to suit the unique needs of a cafe or restaurant. Dividers can be placed to section off the kitchen and dining areas, and utilities are convenient to install. You can utilize multiple trailers if you want a bigger establishment.

Once the pop-up period is over, simply pick the structure up and transport it to the next location. It may also be built on wheels so you can hook it up to a truck and roll it out.

Emergency Clinics or Medical Facilities

When there’s a sudden rise in the need for immediate medical attention in a community, like when a natural disaster happens, additional health care facilities must often be built. They have to be relatively inexpensive and quick to setup so doctors can promptly begin caring for the patients at the site.

Shipping containers are ideal for this use. They can be brought to almost any location, even to more remote, roadless areas via helicopter. They can then be outfitted with different medical facilities and accommodations, customized to the needs of the community.

These are just some alternative uses of storage containers for sale in Long Island NY. If you have a tight budget and construction deadline to meet, try repurposing these trailers for your structure.

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