If you are daily waking up with disappointment towards your bathroom, you definitely need to undertake a bathroom remodeling project. After all, a shabby and congested bathroom will not only ruin your morning, but your property’s value as well.

There can be a number of reasons for which you must renovate your bathroom. Also, there are some sure shot signs, which suggest that your bathroom dreadfully needs remodeling. If you aren’t sure whether it is time to remodel your bathroom or not, simply look for below mentioned 6 signs…

6 obvious signs which suggest you need bathroom renovation

  1. There is some obvious damage because there is constant leakage, smell and humidity: 

If you notice leakage in your bathroom, or it smells like fungus in there, it is a sure shot sign that you must renovate your bathroom. Well, you must be thinking can’t minor repair works fix these issues? Yes, they definitely can, but it will be a temporary fix. If you are in doubt, you can always consult Cedar Hills Contracting, a reputed home renovation company. 

  1. The entire bathroom seems cramped up:

Well, as soon as you open the door, if it hits the sink or commode, it means there is something wrong in the layout. A cramped up bathroom will annoy you every time you use it. You will have to struggle to move around, and it will be a nightmare to use it while in emergency. Also, if you think your bathroom is too small to change the layout, at least consider consulting a professional for ideas. There are good chances they will surprise you. 

  1. It is extremely tiny:

Well, going for a complete bathroom renovation can solve this issue for you. A team of professionals can help you design an improved bathroom floor plan for better mobility. So, if your bathroom is just not enough for you to do normal daily routine comfortably, it definitely need a full renovation.  

  1. The decor is outdated:

No matter what has changed – your taste or overall trends, if you are finding your bathroom outdated, it is time to refresh it. By adding new colors, tiles, fixtures and accessories, you can update your bathroom to match your style and taste. 

  1. Lightings plan isn’t efficient:

Lighting in bathrooms should make them look comforting and welcoming. Imagine using a dimly lit bathroom in the middle of the night, scary isn’t it? Also, very bright lights, which can practically blind you every morning aren’t a good idea. So, if you aren’t 100% satisfied with the lighting plan, a renovation is definitely due. 

  1. There is no proper storage:

Sufficient storage space is vital, no matter which room we are discussing about. However, when we talk about bathrooms, make sure there is space for things like toothbrush, toothpaste, hand wash, soap, shower gels, shampoos, loofah, extra toilet paper rolls, and everything else that you need in the bathroom. Properly stored items can enhance your bathroom experience by many folds. 

All in all, to ensure that your bathroom is clean and shiny, you have to renovate it when it asks for it. Therefore, don’t ignore the 6 obvious signs mentioned above.

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