Dry Clean and Laundering are the common words that you might have heard when it comes to cleaning clothes. Whether it’s your formal meeting, a party or a casual day out, you would love to wear the perfect pair of clothes that shine and have no stains. The most common difference between laundering and Dry Clean is that the laundering process is done with water while Dry Clean is not. There are many other differences between Dry Clean and laundering and this post will help you to know about some of the differences. 

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Things to Know

  • The most common difference is dry clean includes the procedure of cleaning clothes without use of water. The chemical solvents are used to clean the clothes and remove the stain. The laundering process involves cleaning clothes with the help of water and detergents.
  • The dry clean process involves the use of chemicals so it is better at removing all the stains, oily and greasy particles from the clothes. On the other hand, laundry involves usage of soaps and detergents that may not be able to remove the stains as efficiently as done by the chemicals.
  • There are many garments that bleed colors or shrink while washing with water and it can completely destroy your favorite garment. Dry clean is done with the chemical solvents so there is no color bleed or shrinking from the clothes as water is missing and your clothes shine like new.
  • Chemicals are sometimes not good for us. Everything has its own pros and cons similarly there are many hazardous chemicals used in the process of dry clean. On the other hand, the laundry process is completely chemical free and there is no odor of the chemical solvents from the clothes.
  • During the process of dry clean, the solvents used to clean the garments are recycled and reused so there is no wastage of water. On the other hand, in laundry the garments are washed with water and after washing this water is of no use and cannot be recycled.

These are some of the common differences between dry cleaning and laundry. 

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