If you’re a senior citizen, you might find it takes more effort to do some of the simple things you used to do. One activity that can be particularly challenging is taking a bath. Not only might bathing by yourself be difficult, but it can even be dangerous. Thankfully, there is a type of tug that makes taking a bath easy again: the walk in tub. Not only are walk in tubs beneficial to people with mobility issues, but walk in tub pricesaren’t nearly as high as you might expect. Here are a few reasons to install your own walk in tub.

1.They’re Safer

Traditional bathtubs or shower/tub combos have a wall that needs to be scaled before you can enter. Compounding the problem is the fact that the floor of the tub is usually slippery, and it’s border on all sides by hard materials like tile and porcelain. Walk in tubs, however, are designed with your safety in mind. There’s a door for easy access, the surfaces are non-slip, and there are easy to reach handles all around. There’s a even a seat, so you don’t have to like down and get up awkwardly like you would in a traditional tub.

2. Hydrotherapy

When you shop for a walk in tub for sale, you’ll notice that many of them come with the option of built-in hydrotherapy. These kinds of walk in tubs are less like bathtubs and more like Jacuzzis. With hot air and water jets pulsating during your bath, you’ll enjoy unmatched relief for your tired joints and muscles. You’ll love the feeling of relaxing in your tub so much you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

3. Greater Independence

One of the hardest things to cope with as we age is the loss of independence. Because bathing can be difficult — and even dangerous — you might require a loved one or nurse to help give you a bath. With a walk in tub, you can bathe all by yourself whenever you want.

4. You Can Age in Place

If you’re like most people, you’d like to live in your home as long as possible. Walk in tubs give you the freedom to live where you want to live without having to move to an assisted living facility.

5. Better Hygiene

Bathing in a regular tub can become so difficult, you might want to avoid bathing altogether. The ease with which you can bathe in a walk in tub, however, means more baths and better self-care.

Not only will you love having a walk in tub, but with surprisingly affordable walk in tub prices, getting your own is easier than ever.

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