If you’re a homeowner and contemplating having a new roof installed, the first thing you’ll need to determine is which kind of roof you’d like. Every kind of roofing material has its own pros and cons, so you’ll want to select something that’s cost-effective, durable, and attractive. If you’re not sure which one to choose yet, here’s a rundown of the five most popular choices in Tampa roofing.

1. Asphalt Shingles

The most common type of roof around is asphalt. They’re popular partly because they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to install. While they’re usually gray, they are available in all kinds of colors, and work seamlessly with almost every style of home. Although they don’t cost much, they don’t last as long as some of the other materials.

2. Clay and Concrete Tiles

One of the more common kinds of roof materials among Tampa roofing, clay and concrete tile roofs are the style that is most often associated with Mexican or Mediterranean style homes. They’re heavy and often require additional framing, so they cost more than most types of roofs. They are, however, non-combustible and durable, so they’re one of the longest lasting roofs you can have.

3. Metal

One of the great things about metal roof is they’re very resistant to extreme weather. There are several different kinds of metal roofs you can have. They’re available in copper, zinc, aluminum, and stainless steel in either panel or shingle form. While they’re somewhat costly, metal roofs last longer than asphalt or wood roofs.

4. Slate

Homeowners love the safety and versatility that comes with a slate roof. Available in a wide variety of colors such as black, gray, green, red and even purple, slate is a heavy, fire-resistant material. The quality comes with a price, however, as slate roofs require additional framing and can be very expensive to install.

5. Wood Shingles

Wood use the be the go-to material for homes for centuries. While not as common as they once were, wood shingles and wood shakes offer a rustic, natural appearance that can’t be duplicated with any other style roof. There are some concerns with wood, however, in that it’s not as fire-resistant as other materials, and it’s vulnerable to moss and mold growth in wet climates like Tampa.

If you’re still not sure which kind of roof best suits your house, don’t hesitate to call your local Tampa roofing expert for advice.

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