The kitchen might often be hot and humid, but for people who love cooking, it’s a sanctuary. So, to make the place even better, improving the interior is the way to go.

If you’re planning to redecorate your kitchen’s interior, read on. Here are 3 of the most popular themes that are used today.


For those who love the countryside, this one is for you. Rustic is all about bringing raw and hearth-like elements to the interior, giving a natural warmth to your kitchen.

When you think of rustic, imagine the colors you see while hiking in the forest. To give you some ideas, the palette usually consists of:

  • Green foliage
  • Brown wood
  • Reddish clay
  • Gray stones
  • Blue rivers

As for the fixtures and fittings, those made of wood are always a good choice. Use them as the base for the cabinets, cupboards, frames, and furniture. Complete the style by installing granite, marble, or quartzite floors and countertops for a look that’s humble yet pleasing to the eyes.


Are you more into the avant-garde? If so, then modern might be what you’re looking for. Because it doesn’t follow traditional concepts, it’s seen as new, simple, and sleek by interior designers.

Applying modern design is pretty easy. It has only two rules, which are:

  1. Minimize visual clutter
  2. Showcase geometry as much as possible

So, rather than shopping for everything that takes your fancy, do the opposite. Follow a minimalistic approach by just buying the necessities for your kitchen. Also, choose those with a rectangular outline to further emphasize the simple yet sleek interior. As for the color, the neutral palette is the ideal match for the concept.


Because “modern” and “contemporary” have similar meanings, most people confuse the two with each other. But, there’s a clear distinction between them. The former strictly follows the rules of 20th-century design, while the latter uses them as the foundation for more recent concepts.

Contemporary is like mixing modern design with other concepts. By using geometry and minimalism as the base, you can add the traditional or rustic style. One way of doing this is by having square windows and doors installed on a finished wood wall.

Rustic, modern, and contemporary are 3 kitchen interior designs you can try for your home. You can also install minimalist kitchen cabinets and appliances to complete any of these styles. If you’re interested in learning about other renovation concepts, reading home magazines can help.

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