One of the first signs of aging is a loss of balance. It’s inevitable that an older person will at some point lose his footing. The average in America is one in four persons over the age of 65 will fall in a year’s time, and as often as every nineteen minutes, a person will die from complications of a fall. One of the most hazardous places in the home, and the room where a lot of these falls happen, is the bathroom. A combination of hard, wet, and slippery surfaces and having to perform a balancing act just to get into the bathtub, are major reasons why the bath has a reputation as a dangerous room. One of the ways you can outfit the bathroom to make it safer is to rip out the standard bathtub and instead install a safe step walk in tub.

Why Change out the Tub?

There are real therapeutic reasons for needing a soaker tub, as any athlete can tell you. But most aging Americans are afraid to crawl into a tub, so they end up only being able to take a shower. With a safe step tub, they can open the side door and walk in to the unit, and take a seat on a heated surface while the tub quickly fills around them. The jets will soothe and stimulate your tired muscles and joints, allowing you to relax. In addition to the ease of entry, strategically placed handrails add to the safety of this tub. Most units have anti-scald technology to prevent accidental burns, and have an anti-skid floor. Look for a unit that offers a shower unit and a hand-held device so you can take a quick shower when needed, or bathe more slowly as you sit. You want a unit where the door opens inward, to lessen the footprint of the unit, and you want one with a quick fill and quick release of the water.

What Else to Look For

Look for a unit that is made from acrylic but with a gel coating for years of reliable use. The unit should have undergone rigorous testing and be backed by a lifetime warranty. The company selling the products should offer delivery and installation services, and should offer a warranty on their installation process. Consider an upgrade to your bathroom with a safe step walk in tub

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