According to studies, coronavirus has significant distinctive outcomes for males and females. It is a virus that contaminates people without any discrimination then why does gender play a role. On the news, you hear people ranging from the prime minister to bus drivers are getting infected. Remarks are made that the virus does not discriminate, yet it is having blatantly different effects on men and women.

The WHO reports reveal that in Europe 68% of men died due to coronavirus infection. In the US, the death rate in men due to COVID-19 is twice than in women. The health department of New York City reports that out of every 100,000 – 43 men died in comparison to the death of 23 women.

Before we go deep in understanding why coronavirus is hitting the male gender more than the female, let’s ensure to follow the health agency guidelines to protect ourselves. Whenever you go out in public make sure to wear KN95 respiratory masks that comply with the N95 standards. You can buy KN95 masks online from, at affordable rates.

As much as possible maintain social distancing and wash hands with soap and water regularly. When you go out to carry a sanitizer to clean hands after touching surfaces like lift doors or elevator or doorknobs. Make sure to keep away your hands from your face, especially when you are in public.

Reasons Coronavirus is hitting men hard than women

Men are the weaker sex

Culturally men are conditioned to think they are stronger but in terms of immunity, they are weaker than women. The death rate due to coronavirus is higher in men because they possibly have pre-existing conditions, which increases their risk to contract COVID-19.

Susceptible immune system

According to a theory, women respond strongly to the COVID-19 because she has 2 X-chromosomes and men have one. This is claimed to contribute an immunological advantage in women for many infections. However, the clear explanation remains subtle in this increasing COVID-19 outbreak.

Lifestyle & habits

Smoking is a male-dominant habit, which causes them to struggle with chronic lung diseases. Therefore, they are at a greater disadvantage to get infected. Men even consume more alcohol, which may have compromised their lungs.

Men with invincibility syndrome are less compliant and so they are unable to follow coronavirus related restrictions like social distancing.

Environmental problems

Pollution also kills millions every year and even contributes to health conditions like asthma, bronchitis, heart disease, emphysema, and respiratory allergies. Therefore those residing in high polluted regions are more at risk to get COVID-19.


Men most probably work outdoors, which exposes them to pollution and gets directly impacted by coronavirus. Healthcare workers are majorly men [24% in comparison to 17% women], who take care of medical first responders under this pandemic emergency is also at high risk. In this pandemic emergency, millions of people are losing their job, where women are hit hard than men.

Take symptoms seriously

Men dismiss their illness symptoms and thus delay seeking healthcare. He does not seek healthcare until the symptoms worsen. It is wise that every man identifying symptoms need to get tested and health agency support.

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