All kinds of floor need regular maintenance for varied reasons. Among them few basic needs are to keep the floor clean and free from pollutants. The methods of maintenance wholly depend upon the kind of floor style. Some are hard to maintain and some floors are easy like concrete polished floor.

There is no much hard work involved in maintaining concrete polished floor. However, to enhance its durability and not to lose its shine, there are certain methods to adapt for its easy maintenance.

Here are tips beneficial for easy maintenance of the polished floor –

  • You just need to dust the surface regularly to avoid accumulation of grit.
  • You can once in a week mop the floor with a damp cloth or mopping tool to get it of the finest dust particles. Mopping the floor wet even helps in retaining the shine on the floor.
  • You can use organic or specialised cleaning liquid sold by traders and specialists setting polished floors. You won’t need to call special help in cleaning the floors as these kinds of cleaning accessories are safe to use and sure to aid in keeping your floor clean and tidy.

Safety measures to take to maintain the shine and durability of the polished floor intact –

  • Don’t use highly toxic cleaning liquids or alkaline based products. The chemical involved in the cleaning liquid would have adverse effect on the floor. Along with dirt the top surface of the floor will be eroded. Thus, it will impact the shine of the surface and moreover highly concentrated cleaning accessories aren’t eco-friendly.
  • While removing oil stain and stubborn dirt, it is best to use eco friendlier cleaning agents specifically made to remove particular stains. Don’t try to do harsh brushing as it may result in reducing the shine and clarity on the floor.
  • The mopping pads need to be soft otherwise there are chances of hard materials used for pads scratching the floor and this leads to dirt being accumulated in the scratched space.
  • You can use polished guard so that the shine on the floor remains for long.

To lower the maintenance work there are polish guards available that can be easily set by professionals. However, when you need to remove it professional aid would be required or you need to follow the procedures as listed by its maker. Usually, rinsing the floor with adequate water is advised to remove the guard while scrubbing with soft bristle brush. You can again apply the guard after few hours.

If your floor shines or its clarity lowers it will be beneficial to do restoration. You can anytime contact experienced professionals like Polished Concrete Specialists. They are in the art of styling of polished floor for decades. Hence, there valuable advice is worth following to rebound the appealing look of your concrete polished floor. You will never be disappointed as they have varied methods to restore your floor at reasonable price.

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