Did you know that a central air conditioning system–with a combination of cooling units, ducts, and vents–can affect your health? Keeping your AC system clean can improve the air in your home and make it healthier to breathe. Here’s what cooling and heating repair experts want you to know about air quality and your health.

Indoor Air Quality

During the warm seasons of the year, your air conditioner has a huge impact on your indoor air quality, or how clean and healthy to breathe the air inside your home is. Indoor air, unlike outdoor air, is processed through machines and can pick up the dust, dirt, and dander throughout your home. If you run the air conditioner often, then air inside your home is sucked through a return air vent, run back through the air conditioner and then blown out through your ceiling vents all over again.

This recycled air can eventually drop in quality, and you can start breathing allergens like pet hair or surface dust. It’s important to intervene in the air quality so you have cleaner air that’s less likely to make you feel ill. If you have pollutants built up inside the unit, this can be harder to remove. In fact, it can even affect your AC’s performance. You’ll need professional air conditioning repair in Pittsburgh, PA, to carefully and thoroughly clean inside the unit.

Change Filters

Air filters are responsible for catching most of the particles in your air supply. Placed somewhere between the return air vent and the air conditioner–depending on your setup–the filter will let air run freely through it while trapping the allergens in its fibers that can cause illnesses like seasonal allergies.

But filters don’t last forever. You’ll need to clean and/or replace them often so they keep doing their important work. Neglect your air filters for over a month and they’ll become saturated with particles. Leaving the filters in would be like leaving an open trash can with rotting food exposed in your kitchen! The point of trapping allergens in the air is to eventually remove them, so make sure you’re cleaning out or replacing the filters often. Ask an air conditioning repair expert near you how often you should clean and/or replace the filters in your system, as well as which filters are better for trapping allergens.

Upgrade for Efficiency

What else can you do to improve your home’s indoor air? Upgrading to a newer, more efficient air conditioner can actually improve your air quality and make your air healthier to breathe. To learn more, call local air conditioning repair in Pittsburgh, PA


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