Chandeliers, the term make you visualize the luxurious and mystic light fixtures. Every home owner wishes to own such space illuminating elements to enhance their home décor. In the modern era, chandeliers are designed in varied ways to suit modern homes of the 20th century.

Here are few popular kinds of chandeliers that are today’s fame:

  • Vintage style chandeliers – Yes, all-time favorites. They are even known as antique chandeliers always promoting a classic trend in any kind of décor. The rustic arrangements of the light fixtures surrounded by naturally available elements like brass, copper or bronze surely makes an awesome difference to your home settings. It may be Georgian or French styled chandeliers all equally timeless lighting elements, you will love to buy anytime.
  • Sputnik chandelier – Now, it is the trendiest chandelier usually found in modern setting rooms. It is named Sputnik as it has several arms like light fixtures stick out and the centre part is artistically designed or is styled with gorgeous looking crystal or bronze ball. Its popularity is due to its easy to maintain features.
  • Transitional style of chandeliers – As the name suggests, it is a blend of classic style and modern designs of chandeliers. It is quite suitable to be hung in any kind of space and apt for any forms of interior decoration. The designs are less ornate however made of rustic material. Thus, they can’t be fully classified as modern chandeliers. They are designed using wooden material and fabric to provide a natural elegant look of light shades.
  • Over the table chandelier – Chandelier over your dining or center table really makes a huge impact on the décor of the whole settings of the room. Over the table hanging lights big or small in size just provide the perfect effect of enjoying cozy dinner in chill nights. Today, most of such chandeliers are nicely fixed over the center kitchen table where the family usually sits to chat and have meals.
  • Foyer chandelier – While entering the home, the first home element that catches your eyes is the foyer chandelier. There are innumerable makes of them all charming and trendy to visualize.

Today, the most popular lighting ambience fixtures are the rectangular crystal chandelier. They are available in all sizes however the most spectacular ones are the highly decorated fully loaded with sparkling crystals. It can be your room center lighting or can be yours over the table lights equally charming to look and enjoy anytime.

The crystals to create these unique lighting fixtures define the beauty of the chandelier. The trendiest ones are the rock crystal, Czech crystal and Swarovski crystals. However, while buying the light fixture make sure the forms and sizes of the crystals that are irregular shaped will spoil the whole look of the chandelier.

You can shop on famous online platforms like having all the most graceful looking chandeliers to opt for decorating your rooms. They are affordable, easy to maintain and never out of fashion.

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