If you want to prevent clogging in the gutter of your home, then it is always better to install gutter guards. These gutter guards can help in filtering out all kinds of debris, so that water can pass easily through it.

If you install an ember gutter mesh, then your gutter will remain well protected and thus you can save lots of your time and effort that you would have wasted in maintaining and cleaning your gutters all the time.

However, all the gutter guards that are available in the market are not the same. By doing some research, you will notice that they come in different material and have different features and strength.

So, we shall discuss about five different kinds of gutter guards in this article.

1. Mesh gutter guards

These gutter guards are generally made of metal sheets having tiny holes. They can easily keep out even tiny debris while water is drawn in.

What makes these mesh gutter guards special is that it is possible to install them on many different types of roofs and gutters.

These kinds of gutter guards usually are quite durable too. Any other gutter material may get deteriorated over time but not with mesh. Consider mesh guards if you are planning to get new gutter guards.

2.Bottle-brush gutter guards

These guards are cylindrical in shape and look like a wire cleaning brush. They are quite DIY friendly and you must clean the gutter first if you are planning to install this gutter guard.

These gutter guards will be right for filtering out any large debris like leaves. The spikes will allow air to circulate and help the gutter to dry out and prevent rusting.

3.Screen gutter guards

These gutter guards mostly are made of plastic or metal. They are widely available and are quite an affordable option.

Also, they are easier to install but if you compare between fine mesh and regular screen protection then fine mesh will work best to filter out small debris.

As metallic screen gutter guards may rust, they may stain your home. So, prefer plastic versions to avoid such problem. Also, pine needles may get stuck within the holes.

4.Foam gutter guards

They will contain pores and allow only water and are generally made of polyurethane foam or polyether. You can also install foam guards all by yourself.

However, they may not last too long and need regular replacement. Though they are quite cheap, frequent replacements can end up as more expensive option.

5.Reverse-curve gutter guards

They are very old kinds of gutter guards. Also, various manufacturers have made lots of changes to improve them but unfortunately still there are following issues with them:

  • All contractors are not too familiar with proper techniques for their installation.
  • During maintenance and cleaning it is difficult to remove.
  • Since they are visible from ground, you need to pick a colour that can match with your roof.
  • In due course of time, curved sections may accumulate debris.
  • During the winter it can form large icicles.

Many sources now claim that these reverse gutters guards will not perform during heavy rains.

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