Trees in the forest may be growing without any trimming done however if there are any trees around your home, then it will need regular trimming not only for the safety of your home but also for health of your tree.

You can always seek the services of ALS Tree Service, if any of the following conditions are seen.

  • Weak/deceased branch

If the conditions of the tree branches are such that it looks that anytime it can fall down, then it can be a safety issue. Such condition can happen with any tree.

  • Tree cankers looks sunken

Tree cankers may appear to be having sunken spots in their bark of large limb. Probably the bark is totally missing or cankers may be due to any wounds.

  • Dead branches are too brittle

If the dead branches of the tree are too brittle and unstable then branches can fall any time and if it is large enough, then it can also damage your home, in case it ever falls on it.

All smaller branches may break off and get trapped in the tree and that can eventually cause damage to tree. Even a strong wind can also blow these branches from the tree, and pose a dangerous situation.

  • Tree is in poor form

In case, the tree is in very poor form or has got weird shape, then you can make it beautiful by trimming. Diseased branches should be trimmed for preventing the spread of such disease, that will end up in removing the tree.

If all the trimming of these diseased branches delayed then disease can also spread to many other trees

  • Tree is extra-large than the yard

If the tree has grown too large for your yard, or it is disrupting the power lines of the area, then it is necessary to trim. Branches which cross over to other branches may result in damaging the bark.

This can also decay in all the affected branches, which can further spread to rest of your tree. Such condition can also distort very shape of your tree.

  • Too shady

Due to heavy growth of various tree branches, it can also prevent the sunlight to fall on your home and you may experience darkness at the home. Such condition can also result in tree resisting the air flow in the surrounding of your home.

  • Missing bark

In case in your tree, you find patches of peeling or missing bark, then this can be the sign of disease or pests. Both can spread very quickly to nearby area and must be addressed immediately.

  • Leaning heavily

Often the tree may start leaning, which may be at greater risk of falling too. You should not wait and immediately call tree services, otherwise due to gravity or strong wind can knock it over.

The charges for tree removal can certainly be cheaper than repairing all the damage caused due to a fallen tree.

  • Holes seen in the trunk

If you notice any cavities present in the tree trunk or hollowed out trunk then it is not a good sign. Though your tree may survive but it will grow with structurally poor condition and may fall anytime.

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