In the traditional mattresses, box springs were used in order to make the mattress firm and comfortable for sleeping. However, there can be few other alternatives too where you can do away with box spring and can get a comfortable mattress.

Before we discuss about any box spring alternative, let us try to understand about the box spring first.

Box spring

Box Spring is typically a kind of wooden base that consists of springs which are covered by cloth and they are placed for providing support to mattress and also the person who is sleeping on it.

However, the base used can be many other materials too. The mattress will then be placed on a frame which can also be considered as box spring that helps to lift the mattress.

There can be 2 kinds of box spring:

  • Standard
  • Low profile.

Usually, the height of any standard box spring will be 9” and any low-profile type of box spring height can be between 5” – 6”. These low-profile box springs are most popular as they work well for those who do not want to sleep at much higher level from the floor.

Few box spring alternatives

Fortunately, you can obtain the benefits of any box spring in a number of ways and some of them can be quite comfortable for users to sleep on such mattresses. Let us look at few such alternatives:

  • Memory foam mattress

These memory foam mattresses are new addition in the market of mattresses. These mattresses can be used without having any box springs, since the foam used in these mattresses are viscous-elastic foam and they are not just very supportive but can also be quite durable too.

Therefore, while people sleep on such mattresses, it will not get compressed during night or lose support which you will need while sleeping at night.

  • Innerspring mattress

These innerspring mattresses are also called as ‘coil-spring-mattress.’ These types of mattresses have springs which is placed inside the mattress and there is no need to have any extra bed spring.

Any user can get sound sleep by sleeping on the bed while using such innerspring mattresses. This kind of mattress can be placed on all kinds of base, as the user may think suitable for them for sleeping.

  • Slats

Slats do not form a special base and are just wooden boards that is in the crossing form along the frame width of your frame of bed. However, it can offer two options.

One will be with most basic type of wooden frame which can be combined along with any of the options as mentioned above and secondly, slabs are there that can rest upon springs that can be adjusted as per individual needs.

  • Platform bed

This kind of bed can form a perfect alternative solution to these box springs, particularly when users are looking for purchasing box springs for people who have more height.

It is possible to fulfill that purpose by using the platform bed which can also look better.

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