Most of the residential as well as commercial building owners nowadays prefer to go for polished concrete flooring, as it is considered to be the most efficient solution. Besides that, it is very appealing to our eyes due to its light reflective property.

People also prefer to use such kind of flooring because of its aesthetics and few other advantages that it can offer, which we will discuss in the subsequent paragraphs.

What is a polished concrete?

Polished concrete floors basically are concrete treated with certain specific concrete densifier that fills the pores and contributes smooth aesthetics. After that, the grinding tools are used for getting the much-needed shining and also light reflective effect.

However, it is always up to any customer to decide whether he prefers a shinier polish or more exposed aggregate.

Following are few advantages of such polished concrete floors:

  • Polished concrete can be durable

The special thing about any polished concrete is that it is quite strong, and such floors will never be affected by heavy foot traffic.

It is almost impossible to damage such flooring and no chips and scratches will affect its aesthetics in any manner.

  • Polished concrete has much longer life-span

These polished concrete surfaces are known for having longer life-cycle that can last up to minimum ten years without any kind of maintenance. People have used such polished concrete floors since very long and are quite happy about it.

As compared to wooden laminate or carpeting, this option has got much greater life cycle.

  • Polished concrete is much affordable

Nowadays, you can find polished concrete flooring in most of the houses as their affordability is very high. Availability of such kind of flooring is no issue at all.

  • Polished concrete needs much lower maintenance

These polished concrete floors do not require any major maintenance other than regular sweeping and mopping daily, so that no dust is accumulated on them.

In case, your flooring has very high gloss floor-finish, then you will need to damp mop your floor time to time. With this, you can ensure that the gloss will not go away.

  • Polished concrete can work well with any radiant system of floor heating

Another great thing about such polished concrete floor is that you can easily use it with any radiant floor-heating system because of it having excellent thermal conducting properties.

  • Polished concrete does not use any kind of hazardous chemicals

There is no doubt that these concrete floors can be environmentally friendly flooring choice as it does not use any kind of hazardous chemicals, cleaners or adhesives during its installation or even maintenance.

Few other great benefits that include resistant to moisture when it is properly sealed and finished, resistant to abrasion and also enhanced ambient lighting.

  • Much economical option

Also, it is widely believed that such polished concrete option is much economical option in the longer run. Not only they are much easy and convenient to install but also their maintenance is very easy and needs no major expenditure.

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