After constructing a home with lots of effort, care and money, the biggest fear of every home owner is burst water pipes in the basement. You might be efficient with cleaning rooftops, patio, mowing lawn and plating trees appropriately, if water leakage isn’t looked into immediately, the whole base of your house can become weak. Water damage can occur either due to frozen pipes, water heater, sump pumps, cracked fountains, leaking toilet, underground seepage and many more. The entire house is full of water pipes, which is hidden within the walls therefore, you may not know which pipe was damaged unless it doesn’t damage walls.

Hence, routine maintenance of every part of your house is necessary once a year. Germantown, a census designated area of Maryland is situated 30 miles outside Washington D.C. capital. The climate here is unpredictable. During summer, in the morning and afternoon it is very hot and humid, but by evening there is thunderstorm. During winter, if there is snow everywhere, then occasionally one can also experience rain. Hence, in such scenario, there is high demand for Germantown plumber. Plumbing Pros DMV is considered one of the best Plumbing Companies till date. They have staff that is fast and gets the job done in no time.

If you see water damage at home here are few actions that you will have to take as a responsible owner –

  • Assess the Kind of Leakage
  • Action against less damage
  • Action against excessive damage

Assess the Kind of Leakage

  • Non damaging water leakage doesn’t cause you harassment, but there are minute defects that can be corrected immediately. For example, fountain sprinkler spraying water in other direction, toilet water flowing in flush continuously.
  • Certain leakages that can’t be seen because they are hidden inside the walls, like shower pipes, faucets etc. can become heavy expenditure if neglected for a longer time. Obviously, you might not know unless there isn’t any inspection.
  • Burst pipes that can flood your house and basement are severe damages and need action immediately. They can cause harm not only to your property, but also to your belongings.

Action against less damage

Shut off the main supply of water entering house, this way it will be easier to find the leakage because that area would still have water flowing out. The most common areas that need to be shut down are bathrooms and kitchen. If you still find water meter running, then shut down other appliances like water heater, fountain, etc. one by one to detect which appliance is creating trouble. Once you find the area of damage, clean that mess immediately and get it fixed to avoid further damage.

Action against excessive damage

Turn off the water supply, if it is difficult since the damage is more, then inform a plumber immediately. Document all damage that has occurred due to leakage and contact the insurance company. Take photos and videos of the damaged property and belongings as evidence. Since the damage is bigger, this might not be a piece of cake. Hence, you will have to contact a plumber to assist you.

If there is water leakage in your house, the first thing is to turn off power which can cause electric circuit to break. Standing water often cause moss thus, clean them with disinfectant to keep your family safe.

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