Countertop stone loses its shine after some time due to several reasons it could be because of placing hot plates, scrubbing it with water and liquid detergent, or staining which often destroys its lustre and glow. Thus, stone polishing every year maintains its shine and increases the modern style of your house. Marble and granite are commonly used stone. They are known for their appealing and durable property.

Sydney is the capital of NSW, where you can experience extreme humidity, warmth, hot weather, and fohn wind. This accumulates dust on stone, whether it is on floor or countertop. Regular mopping may seem to be good way of cleaning it, but some stubborn dust stick to the base which slowly accumulates. For example, sticky oil stains aren’t easy to remove if not cleaned with warm water and liquid detergent.

Thus, people often hire services that deal with stone polishing Sydney. Sydney Tile & Stone Care has been into cleaning and polishing business for more than 15 years. They use best equipment and chemicals that are environmentally friendly. They are reputed and well known among the cleaning services that deal with travertine, granite, limestone, marble, sandstone, slate and many other latest material used in flooring and setting walls and countertops.

Here are few reasons and necessity of polishing stone at frequent intervals –

  • Polishing stone gives it a shiny appearance and removes dullness. It looks clean and new which draws attention of every guest passing by.
  • Polishing reduces pores in stone which increases its longevity.
  • After polishing stone it becomes waterproof which means it reduces the chances of absorbing liquid.

There are few methods utilized for polishing stone –

Fabricator Polish

Fabrication is done in the factory or warehouse when the stone is cut in desired shape. This polishing is the first step provided by company to give some glow to the natural stone. The polish is done on the edges and cuts on the sides by particular machine to avoid sharpness and roughness. After the installation is done, the installer fabricates or polishes to the countertop or floors or any other surface or provide slight shine to it.

Restorative Polish

Another technique is to restore the shine back for stones that were installed and utilized for a longer time. Natural stones are durable and can resist any wear and tear, but they become dull after a lot of scrubbing and usage. Thus, the owner gets its polished after few years to retain its shine. This process is optional as it depends on the owner if they would like to get it polished or replace the entire countertop.

Routine Polish

This is a frequent process where the owner takes the responsibility of polishing stone daily, weekly or monthly. Regular maintenance with some eco-friendly chemical saves money. Moreover, regular polishing also maintains its shine forever. Mild detergent mixed in warm water can be scrubbed with soft sponge to remove tough stains and retain shine.

There are scrubbers, liquids, and powders available in market that can be used by owner personally to clean stone countertops and other surfaces. This isn’t a tough job, but leaving it for years may require assistance of professionals. If you’re searching for deep cleaning service, then don’t overexert yourself, rather get hold of a good cleaning service.

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