Plumbing issues, roof leaks, toilet overflows or flooding can cause lots of damage to your home foundation, furnishings, carpeting, and personal belongings. The damages can happen as quickly as water enters your home, while some water issues may take few days to develop after the calamity. If the damage includes severe flooding the damages develop and worsen within a day.

It is crucial to check the website for water damage restoration Salt Lake City Utah as soon as any water issue starts, so that the repair, extraction, and drying process gets started.

Understand the scale of water damages

Flood water cannot be prevented because they occur suddenly. Most of the damages due to flood water are less serious or minor but if water exposure is for a prolonged duration the problems can turn massive. Water damage remediation needs to be done quickly.

In the 1st hour                                                                               

  • Moving water quickly spread all across the house
  • Carpet gets stained from non-color-fast things like drapes, and furniture
  • Moisture sensitive furniture suffers from discoloration and enduring damage
  • Documents, books, and paper goods experience permanent damage.

In the 1st day

Lots of destruction occurs within the first 24 hours of flooding. If the water extraction process does not start within an hour the damages get more serious and irreversible.

  • Swelling and demarcation of the furniture legs
  • Pressed wood furniture, structural and decorative items get swollen and disintegrate
  • The bacterial odor starts developing
  • Uncoated metal surfaces get tarnished
  • Normal household whiffs strengthen

In the 1st week

In case, water does not get extracted or dried within 24 hours of flooding, more serious damages start occurring in the next 7 days. It will start destroying personal belongings and furniture permanently. Moreover, damage to the structural integrity of the house starts at this phase.

  • Microbial organisms find a welcoming ground to thrive
  • The air quality degrades with a musty odor
  • Drywalls swell and disintegrate
  • Uncoated metal surfaces start to rust and corrode
  • Window casings and wooden doors swell, distort, and delaminate
  • Wood decks and studs swell, warp, and split
  • Electronic components malfunction
  • Wooden musical instruments get damaged
  • Any member suffering from respiratory issues or compromised immune system find it hard and unsafe to live

After 1st week

After major water leaks or flooding, if the damage restoration process does not start in its initial stage, then after a week the damages can worsen more. After a week, the water damage turns permanent, which can also increase the cleanup and repair cost. Don’t forget the replacement costs!

  • The consistent growth of micro-organism, mold, and mildew
  • Structural elements and furniture start to warp and split
  • Wooden finishes breakdown causing discoloration
  • The dramatic increase in the restoration and claim costs
  • Occupants can suffer from serious health hazards

Water damage restoration is an emergency task but also needs some precautions like turning the main electricity power as soon as water floods your home. Never use a household vacuum to extract water or try to lift the water-drenched carpet without help. The main thing that you need to do in such a condition is to act fast and call remediation services.

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