In most of the water supplies, often there is iron content present which should be removed before using household applications. Though you can find few iron treatment systems in the market not all are found to be effective.

Therefore, in this small article, we will share few ways to get rid of such iron bacteria from your water supply.

Usually, following are the four different types of iron contents that you can come across while dealing with the water supply:

  • Sequestered iron
  • Ferric iron which is in soluble form
  • Ferrous iron which is in insoluble form
  • Heme iron that is found in organics

The above listed four types of iron are those usually found in the potable water supplies. Also, there are few other colours, conditions, types and different variances of iron, which need special methods, or few combinations of methods, for effective removal.

For example, orange iron can be very difficult to remove with regular filtration but can be effectively removed by using one old media which is rarely used now.

In order to clear the water iron, softening resins are used which are effective for water used in residential use but needs a huge resin bed. Softeners are also used by adding sodium/potassium chloride.

Few ways of removing iron from water

Following are few ways commonly used for removing iron from the water supply:

  • Aeration

In this method, oxygen is put into the source of water in order to convert all the mineral present in the water from soluble iron to insoluble form.

  • Water softener

Calcium and magnesium ions are replaced by passing through the water supply by using sodium ions.

  • Iron filtration

Here a system will be used for trapping and filtering away the oxidized forms of iron.

  • Manganese greensand

In this filtration system, a process of chemical oxidation reduction is utilized for the soluble iron that helps in filtering the insoluble form of iron.

  • Catalytic filtration

Here granular filter medium is used that will increase the reaction of iron and oxygen to form certain substance that will then be filtered.

  • Ozonation

In this kind of system of aeration treatment, the soluble mineral forms are converted to insoluble form.

  • Ion exchange

Here soluble iron is replaced with sodium ion.

  • Chlorination

This method is used for killing bacteria of iron or for converting to ferrous iron from the ferric which can be easily filtered.

  • Sequestering

This term is used for describing the chemical addition for stopping metals like iron to be mixed and cause typical staining problem.

In order to decide the treatment type to be used for removing iron, first you need to find the types and levels of the mineral present in water. Therefore, it will be better to get your supply water tested by a professional body.

Also, you must consider the possibility of iron present in well water and decide whether you should go for digging a new well that can be an economic option than filtering present well water.

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