Simple, sleek, and elegant, a minimalist kitchen gives your space chic vibes. The minimalist décor style is perfect for a smaller kitchen, making it look spacious and airy. Keep reading for tips on creating a minimalist kitchen that feels stylish and contemporary.

Neutral Color Palette

Minimalist décor leans towards the modern style that focuses on soft hues and neutral shades. Opt for neutral color palette featuring shades such as beige, white, cream, tan, etc. With this neutral color scheme in place, you can then add on accessories, appliances, backsplash, cabinetry, etc. to go with the minimalist décor theme. Think white marble countertops with white cabinets and wood accents for a beautiful kitchen that fits the minimalist décor style. Granite countertops in beige with beautiful veining when paired with light wooden cabinets makes the kitchen look warm and inviting, yet perfectly complements the minimalist décor theme.

Clean Design Features

Clean, non-fussy design elements are the hallmarks are characteristic of a minimalist kitchen. For example, limit hardware on cabinets to a minimum. Or better yet, opt for handless kitchen with sleek cabinets in a glossy finish. Limit open shelf storage, instead store small appliances, pots, pans, serveware, etc. in closed cabinets for a clutter-free kitchen that’s an essential element of a minimalist kitchen.

Choose Accessories Carefully

With minimalist kitchen décor, you need classy accessories that make the space look elegant. Avoid using colorful items such as bright hued vases or multi-colored rugs that will draw attention away from the sleek layout. Instead, opt for understated items such as a glass vase with local sprigs and twigs to add color without sacrificing the overall mood of a minimalist kitchen. Ceramic mugs and geometrical shaped bowls and glasses can be displayed on open shelves. They will serve as interesting accessories while enhancing the décor with their stylish look.

Use Natural Materials

The minimalist kitchen décor depends on the beauty and texture of natural materials to bring together an elegant space. Stick to natural materials like marble and granite for countertops and backsplash, since their natural veining and speckles will add more visual interest to your space. Wooden flooring, and rustic accessories in a honed finish are perfect for creating minimalist décor that’s also very stylish.

If you’re looking to create minimalist kitchen décor, schedule an appointment with a specialty kitchen design firm. Expert interior designers can plan and implement elegant kitchen décor that you’ll love.

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