Chandeliers are the brightest decorative accessory that makes the whole room look gorgeous. Since ages it is used to provide brightness in the room. Crystal chandelier is quite popular and as the term suggests, it is a classy cluster of glittering lights. Its origin dates back to the 17th century. It was mainly designed for royal palaces and mansions and these crystal chandeliers were designed in the pattern of crowns and rings. Even today, you can see such chandeliers from the past era treasured in the museums. Now, in present days there are ample types of crystal chandelier available that are crafted by artisans to decorate your homes and commercial places.

Series of bulbs are surrounded by exclusively shaped glass crystals. They are made of lead glass, quartz or vintage crystal to enhance the brightness of the bulbs. There are varied kinds of crystal chandeliers available in the market you just need to choose the best one suitable for your place.

While deciding to buy the best, you think of few most popular types of chandeliers. Crystal chandeliers are a popular choice as it creates the dramatic illusion of living in a romantic world. This kind of chandelier never goes out of style and is highly reliable, thus will look always gorgeous even after many years.

Here are few popular crystal chandelier kinds and few lines about their features:

  • Boroque – Quite ancient kind of chandelier, but it is best in classic looking traditional homes. The chandelier has elongated branches having hanging pendants of rock crystals. Some of them are designed using durable material like bronze framed with crystal glass to last for many years.
  • Turkish crystal – Another past century handmade crystal glass that is sought by interior decorators globally. They are just classic beauty, mark of authenticity of its maker. Yes, no doubt they are costlier however worth every penny of its buyer.
  • Egyptian or Moroccan crystal chandelier -Most commonly known as Gemcut crystal is crystal clear and are of excellent quality. This kind of crystal is used for visual purity and shape. There ever shining quality lures customers to own them forever.
  • Italian crystal – More stylish kind in this category that enhances the décor of every place built in the present times. The Venetian crystal reflects its origin with its gleaming shine. They are handmade or machine made, depending upon the design and the best feature is that the small Italian crystal chandeliers are affordable.
  • Chinese crystal – Quite highly marketed as they look fashionable even in ceilings of small size rooms, and thus bestselling chandelier in the metropolitan cities. Moreover, the light fixtures are reasonably priced. It is well polished using modern gadgets thus its optic quality is par excellence.

You have plenty of choices when it comes to buying a crystal chandelier for your place. You can try online based popular crystal chandelier distributors like You won’t be disappointed as you will find the best ones at reasonable price.

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