If you ask me to choose between brick-based wall and wall cladding then I will certainly suggest you to go for wall cladding. Read further to know why.

Your choice can also vary due to architectural differences as well as the location of the property. Before making your choice, you need to understand about few drawbacks of the brick wall.

Once you know the drawbacks, you can take the decision about polystyrene wall cladding.  Following are few god reasons why I am trying to recommend you to go for polystyrene wall cladding instead of brick wall.

  • Application process

In case of bricked wall, you can easily do it if the construction is new however in future if you need to change the plan then you will need to demolish your entire brick structure in order to do new construction once again.

However, in case of such polystyrene cladding there is no need to demolish it. You can carry on your new construction over such cladding without using any additional labor cost of demolishing and then again rebuilding it.

As a matter of fact, any time you desire you can change your plan if you need.

  • Pricing

For any kind of construction project, pricing is always an important consideration. It will be a big surprise for you to know that the cost of such polystyrene cladding is much cheaper as compared to brick.

Also, the process of building such cladding is also much simpler. The labor charges needed for such cladding will be much lesser as compared to construct the same wall by using conventional brick.

Thus, it will also save some money in your pocket by choosing the option for polystyrene cladding.

  • Ability to insulate

Often the supporter of bricks will make a claim that bricks can give you maximum amount of insulation but you will be surprised to know that polystyrene can offer you much greater amount of insulation as compared to brick wall.

Besides that, so far as weather and fire resistance is concerned, polystyrene can offer much better resistance as compared to brick walls. Therefore, by considering such polystyrene cladding you may also save money on your energy bill.

  • Aesthetics that you get

If you try to compare the aesthetic that polystyrene cladding can offer, brick can come nowhere near to it. Also, bricks are available only in a single-color shade and you need to paint it to get different color.

Polystyrene cladding on the other hand are available in multiple color options as per your choice.


If you compare the time taken to build any brick wall and also the time required for polystyrene cladding then you will find that it can be built much faster than brick walls.

Therefore, by considering all the above factors, I can confidently recommend that the option for polystyrene wall cladding will be much better as compared to traditional brick-based walls.

However, it is essential that you must take the services of right professionals while erecting your building so that you can obtain the benefits of this new choice.

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