Elegant kitchen décor is created by its various elements, including, countertops, flooring, kitchen cabinets, appliances, and more. The design and shade of kitchen cabinets must work well with countertops and flooring to create a beautiful space. Here, we talk about some top paint color choices for kitchen choices that go well with most décor styles. An expert contractor can help you with house painting in Canton, GA, including kitchen cabinet painting.

White Hues

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, the most popular color choice is undoubtedly white. You’ll find several shades of white such with undertones of gray, beige, silver, and more. When in doubt, this shade is the best option. Take a look at the swatches at your local paint store to determine which shade of white will match your décor needs. Crisp white, for example, has a cool undertone to it, and is perfect if you’re looking to create an elegant white space, complete with white marble countertops and an expensive wood flooring. You’ll also find white paint colors with warm undertones that’ll make your cabinets complement countertops in different hues and shades.

Gray Tones

Gray is a top color for kitchen cabinets, since it goes well with other neutral hues, and complements many décor themes. If you’re looking to transition from light hues to darker ones, a shade of slate gray will be perfect. This tone adds a touch of drama to your kitchen décor, and can be used to create a mono chromo color palette. Pair it with stark black countertops and beautiful wood-like flooring for modern kitchen décor.

Green Hues

Green hues help bring the beauty of the outdoors into your kitchen, and they work well for many décor styles, including traditional, modern, farmhouse, and more. If you want to keep your kitchen décor in the neutral color palette, yet want a nice contrast, we strongly recommend opting for a light sage green. Muted sage green cabinets combine well with beige granite countertops for a fresh-looking kitchen, which has soothing vibes. For a splash of color, mint green shade or any shade of green with undertones of bright yellow will make your kitchen cabinets look distinctly vibrant, and give your kitchen a modern-retro look.

Elegant kitchen décor starts with choosing a beautiful color palette, and opting for the right shades for your walls and cabinets. For house painting in Canton GA, get in touch with a professional home painting company.

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