After spending a long time building your home, you’ll have to install tiles to make your floors appear appealing. Tiles continue to be the popular choice for flooring because of its durability and variety of design options. They can be customised to reflect your personal style. It is easy to maintain and there is less expense associated with tiles.

Though tiles installation can get costly, it is a worthy investment. However, a small error in the installation can be an eyesore. One slightly mispositioned tile throws off the pattern and fixing a botched tiling job is messy and disruptive especially if water has seeped through the tiles. The cost of poor installation is considerable.

Choose the right contractor to save yourself from the extra trouble. There are several things that should be looked into before selecting a tiling contractor. Start by selecting the tile beforehand so that you can determine the expertise required. For instance: Installation involving different size styles is tricky.

Tips to choose the right tile contractor:

Ask around for referrals: Word of mouth reviews are a great way to shortlist the list of best contractors. If any of your acquaintances has just had a goof tiling job done, inspect it for yourself and see if you like the workmanship. Astute Tiling has a quality team to carry out tiling services Sydney. They make use of current trends and techniques to deliver good results.

Get recommendations from your tile supplier: This is different from direct referrals. Your tile supplier will have a list of contractors who purchase regularly from them. You can then ask the contractors to show pictures of their previous works.

Avoid giving sole importance to budget: Don’t let money be the deciding factor. The expenses vary depending on the type of service you require. There are some who offer sub-standard services for a low fee while some offer sub-standard services for a high fee. Make sure you get your money’s worth.

Find a licensed installer: Verify if the installer is licensed, insured and certified. The team of contractors should have completed the necessary certification recommended by the state.

How to proceed after short listing tile contractors:

  • Ask the right questions: See if they are suited to handle your project in terms of requirements and size. Ask about their experience in this field, the number of projects undertaken, approximate duration taken to complete a project and their availability.
  • Get a quote in writing: Ask for a detailed quote from the tiling contractor. The quote should include all services which come under the quote including removing old tiles, levelling the floor, priming the surface, sealing grout and disposing old tiles. Ask about how much amount you are expected to pay upfront.
  • Ask for pictures of their completed projects: Ask them for pictures or check out pictures on social media. Pay special attention to corners, doors and windows as those areas are tricky to work around.

Hiring the right expert ensures you get the job done right the first time. Make the right decision and avoid costly mistakes.

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