Wood flooring does not need much maintenance. The best way to keep it looking good is to prevent damage from happening and to ensure that any incidents are dealt with when they occur. That way you can be confident that your floor always looks as good as the day it was fitted.

1/ Wipe away spills as they happen.

It’s a floor. It is in your home. This means that it is inevitable there will be the occasional spillage incident. Whether it is red wine, water, tea or anything else, your first response should be the same; wipe it up as soon as it happens. The best way to do this is with paper to blot up the liquid.  Don’t use a mop. Excess water can damage wood flooring so you could end up making the problem worse.

Some liquids can stain or leave a water mark and although you can remove stains later it is much better to act fast to avoid an extra job later.

2/ Remove outdoor shoes

Outside shoes carry in dirt and germs and can scuff and scratch a wood floor. High heels are the worst offenders but anything that is likely to scratch your flooring should be removed.

Most people are happy to remove their shoes at the door and you can always provide some slip on mules for your visitors.

3/ Sweep up regularly

Sweeping your floor and removing dust every day will keep your solid wood flooring in pristine condition.  Use a soft bristle brush to remove surface dirt or use a vacuum cleaner if it has a suitable attachment for wood floors.  A great feature of wood flooring is that you can see whether your floor is clean because dirt does not get hidden away in the carpet.

4/ Keep the floor out of direct sunlight if possible

Sunlight bleaches wood and spoils the colour. Although you can deal with this by re-staining the floor later it is a hassle. If the weather is sunny, use blinds or curtains to prevent UV rays from damaging your floor. If your room catches the sun try fitting window films. These block out the UV rays and are good for your flooring and for your own health.

5/ Protect your floor from furniture scuffs

Dragging or moving furniture across a wood floor will lead to scratches and damage.  Fitting adhesive felt pads to the parts of the furniture that are in direct contact with the wood will prevent this from happening. In addition your furniture will not leave an indentation on your flooring.

Felt furniture pads are obtainable from any home accessory store and are inexpensive.

However it is never a good idea to drag furniture; you should aim to lift it, even if you have fitted felt pads because these can easily become detached. That way when you move a chair or table, you will not leave a line of scratches and scuff marks on the wood.

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