If you have an older loved one coming to visit during the holidays here are a few steps you should take to ensure their safety and comfort.


Whether they are coming for one evening or a few days, you will want to ensure that the entrances and exits to your house are clear of hazards. Have secure railings in place and no-slip rubber rugs to help provide traction. Take care to remove as much snow as you can from the path and use ice melts to reduce the opportunities for falls.

Since most seniors have limited eyesight a well-lit doorway can be vital to avoid accidents. Try to think of a path of least resistance. If there is an entrance to the home that does not involve any or as many stairs, opt for them to use that one instead and always be nearby to lend an arm when they plan to leave. If you have a large yard you could pull the car up next to the house to reduce the amount of distance they will have to walk.


As well as the outside conditions there are several conditions inside that you will want to adapt for your special someone as well. If they have fine motor issues turning round doorknobs can be difficult, consider installing a gripper, or other temporary adapter that converts the knob into a lever shaped handle.

Mobility in the home is just as precarious as outside the home, especially if you have thick carpeting or slick floors. Clear a path so they will be able to reach the main areas easily and have sturdy chairs that can support their weight. Remove any tripping hazards like electrical cords, children and pet toys, or loose rugs.

Extra Considerations

If your loved one is staying overnight there are a few extra touches you can do to make them feel more comfortable. If you do not halve a walk in shower for seniors, it is important to install grab bars near the shower, and the toilet as well. A light on in the hallway or bathroom at night will help guide your guests in the middle of the night, and a lamp in their room can give some extra light to help them see their new surroundings.

Besides a walk in shower for seniors, the use of no-slip mats or stickers in the bathroom is essential. Place items they will need to reach in the kitchen at lower levels so they do not have to reach overhead, and clear some extra counter space to avoid long trips carrying heavy items across the room. With a few small changes your senior loved one will feel more comfortable, and right at home for the holidays.

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