Before we delve into the main topic of how to maintain an HVAC, let’s take a quick glance at what an HVAC system is. Proper knowledge about something and understanding the system completely is often the first step to the right maintenance.

What is an HVAC System?

HVAC is an acronym that stands for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Therefore, an HVAC system is nothing but a temperature control system that could be installed at your home or in any room so that the temperature of the same could be regulated. Like any home appliance, your HVAC system could have a longer life and better performance, if maintained well.

ABC’s of HVAC maintenance

  1. Changing the filter – Regular cleaning of filter and changing it at a regular frequency is very important in maintaining your HVAC system. The recommended frequency is 1 to 3 months based on the pollution level in your area. If you realise that there may be allergy spreading in your area or if you have pets you may need to change the filters more frequently than normal.
  2. Frequently inspect the outdoor unit – Every time you clean the filter and the internal unit of your HVAC system, make it a routine to clean the external unit of your system as well. It is very important to check for and maintain the clearance around your external unit. The minimum recommended clearance is a distance of two feet on all sides.
  3. Cleaning of the condensing unit – Every HVAC system will have an external condensing unit that is mounted within your external unit of your system. The fan that you see on top of the external unit is part of the condensing unit that is used to disperse the heat off while your system cools the room inside. This is prone to a lot of dust and pollen accumulating in it. It clogs the system’s condensing process. It is very important to regularly clean this with a water hose. However, make sure not to use a pressure washer as it may cause harm.
  4. Cleaning is time Drainpipe and Drain pan – It is very important to clean and clear off the algae or fungal build-up of your drain pipe.
  5. Planned maintenance – It is always best to have a planned annual maintenance schedule for your HVAC system. Getting it serviced twice in a year, may be as a preparation for your spring and fall every year will help.

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Mentioned above are the simple ways to maintain your HVAC systems following which will help you make the most out of them when you need them the most. You definitely deserve a warm cosy and climate-controlled home atmosphere so that you could relax comfortably!

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