Needless to say, with increased demand for CBD, there is no shortage of rumours and misinformation given by media, professionals, parents etc. You can also come across few articles and blog post that has termed CBD as the recent hot wellness product. Well, since times unknown CBD has been used to cure inflammation, nerve related problems, epilepsy and sleeping disorders.

However, since this herb also contains potent psychotic chemical THC, you will hear more rumours about this product. Obviously, it is confusing and clarification is necessary in order to get the true information. This article is based on the facts and the recent findings as per the medical reports. Read below to get an in-depth knowledge.

Myth 1: CBD gets you high

CBD is bio chemically derived from cannabis or industrial hemp and are devoid of THC. None of the retail and medicinal CBD has any traces of THC. Hence, it cannot produce any psychotic and euphoric experience. It is true that cannabis have THC but when CBD is extracted, it is made sure it does not have any THC.

You will come across blogs which says that both THC and CBD have similar chemical composition. Yes, that is true but their chemical makeup is different. The arrangement atoms are different which gives rise to whole new chemical properties.

Nevertheless, both these compounds affect our body differently. It is advised do not consider this kind of misinformation and half knowledge.

Myth 2: CBD vaping is similar to E-Vaping

There is a major difference between vaping e-liquid in the form of e-cigarette and vaping CBD. CBD vaping is mainly opted by people who are suffering from nausea, vomiting, insomnia, attention deficit. Since CBD can improve the nerve health of humans, it produces positive affect on the body.

While CBD vaping is purely medicinal and not addictive, E-liquid vaping is opted to reduce dependence on tobacco. Both are used for different purpose and on top of it, CBD is not at all habit forming. This means, you can leave taking CBD at any given point of time and you will not experience withdrawal effects.

CBD vaping has got so much popularity that now it is also available in different forms. From CBD tinctures to CBD gummies there are plethora of options which you can choose from.

Myth 3: CBD is harmful to pets and children

All mammals have endocannabinoid system which is a specific set up. CBD has cannabinoid that produces a positive effect on the endocannabinoid system. This means, it will also calm your pets and relieve them of restlessness and anxiety.

You will be surprised to know that it has been used by most of the high school students, college students and professionals to increase their concentration and focus. CBD is a natural compound that successfully crosses brain barrier in transporting information from one hemisphere of the brain to another hemisphere. Hence, it significantly improves blood circulation in the brain and helps in memorizing with an ease.

Myth 4: CBD does not work

It is very important that you know the reason you are using CBD. Different dosages of CBD will produce different effects on the body. While lower dosages make the brain alert higher dosage will cure insomnia. Also, controlled dosages throughout the day can reduce inflammation and reduce pain due to sciatica nerve.


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